First District Association is an independent dairy cooperative that maximizes returns for its producers, customers, and employees through dedicated innovation and by providing progressive quality products to a world market.

First District Association played a prominent role and has a very distinct and proud history in the birth and formation of the modern dairy cooperatives in this nation.

On March 31, 1921, the Meeker County Creamery Association leading the way as part of a larger state wide organizational effort, incorporated under the new Minnesota cooperative law and changed their name to the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association. The Meeker County Creamery Association became the first unit organized as Unit #1 in this newly formed Minnesota cooperative. On March 7, 1923, the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association unanimously elected John Brandt to take over as President.

The Minnesota Association began by setting specifications to insure quality and uniformity for sweet cream butter. The real pioneering began with marketing this high quality sweet cream butter directly and educating the consumers to recognize this quality. Once again, it was the 24 creameries of Unit #1, now known as First District Association.

On February 24, 1924 the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association began marketing the sweet cream butter under the name "Land O' Lakes". In March of 1926, the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association was renamed Land O' Lakes Creameries Inc. In later years, First District Association began marketing it's own products and in 1985 adopted the "Fieldgate" logo.

Today we have 680 direct patrons and 10 member creameries with a total of 700 patrons. Last year we produced 37,000,000 pounds of lactose, 23,000,000 pounds of whey protein concentrate, 400,000 pounds of pure dairy calcium and 110,000,000 pounds of cheese. These products all come from the 4,000,000 pounds of milk we receive each day.

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